Here’s a quick look at blueberry bushes at year eight. Abundance! Just a quick post to celebrate that. Looking forward to baking and preserves with these big beauties.



About Adam Zinzan

Adam has a background in design and brings his experience with the design process to homesteading and natural building. He has designed and built several off-grid cabins, making use of salvaged materials and self-harvested timber. He is an experienced timber frame builder, self-taught draftsperson, homesteader, and visual artist. Adam lives and works at Snow Lake Keep homesteading community.

One response to “Blueberries Abound!

  1. Love what you’re doing, and went to the site after seeing a piece about who you are and what you do on a CBC file or documentary. A group of people that I am hoping to join who have bought some land on the north side of Bridgetown said I think that they have met some of you. Anyway, if I am able to join this group and build with them some tome soon, I would love to come and chat.

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