A long winter and reluctant spring are quickly fading in the rear view; flowers are blooming, fireflies are buzzing, and the forest is once again busy with the sounds of life. The sun has returned to the North Mountain and we’ve been quick to take advantage of the long days to make some planned improvements to the Keep.

The Barn begins

Wayne gives us a lift.Timbers cut, stacked and ready for the build.

Work has officially begun on a large, central barn. We’ve hauled all the timbers to the site for construction of the frame, thanks to help from Wayne and his John Deer. The Barn will be the new home for our goats, complete with water cistern and drive-in hay loft – and an extra stall for future work horse. Stay tuned for updates on this build (and maybe even an invite to a proper barn-raising later this fall!).

A raised bed, built to last

Solar electric fence charger

This week, we poured the first stone-wall raised bed. This medieval addition to the Lower Garden will host a small crop of potatoes for its first season. The forms come off in a couple days and we’ll be sure to post a photo or two of the results. This project also served as a dry run for foundation work on Thor’s Den later this month.

Farm-Gate Fridays

Fresh produce every Friday!

Farm tours every Friday!

Just a reminder that Farm-Gate Fridays are a great way to beat the rush at the market, have first pick at our freshest harvest, and come tour the farm! 4-6pm every Friday. Stop by and say hello!

About Adam Zinzan

Adam is driven by a passion for facilitating healing and connection in our world through design. He has a knack for identifying how complex challenges can be overcome and how ‘what works’ could be made even better. Our behaviours both as individuals and as a collective are at the root of our challenges and solutions. Adam uses the design process to create intentional experiences that help shift the these behaviours and communicate alternatives. Adam has over 10 years experience in design and is active in the sphere of intentional communities and social change.

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