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Look ma, we’re on CBC!

CBC stopped by this past fall to tape an episode of Land and Sea. Thanks to Phlis McGregor and crew for taking the time. Watch the episode on CBC Gem, here!

Clearcuts: The Final Frontier

Clearcut: noun \ ˈklir-ˌkət  \ 1) an area of forest in which all the trees have been thoughtlessly and needlessly cut down so that one or two people can make their mortgage payment. 2) land often overlooked as abandoned or undesirable where humans, together with other organisms, can slowly transform wasteland back into a thriving, life-sustaining ecosystem. If there …


Can burning wood be carbon-negative? To quote from Yale University research on carbon-sequestration technologies: “Creating biochar actually reduces CO₂ in the atmosphere because the process takes a theoretically carbon-neutral process of naturally decaying organic matter and turns it carbon-negative: When plants decay, they emit CO₂, which other plants eventually absorb, and the cycle continues. Biochar …

Construction Zone

Construction projects account for a lot of our blood, sweat and tears at Snow Lake Keep! I thought it was worth giving those projects their due, so here is a collection of photos from various constructions projects we’ve done over the last few years, in no particular order.

The Birds and the Bees

It’s the glory days of summer and we thought it was high time for at least a quick update. This time highlighting a few farm residents that are often overlooked! A beautiful flock of Muscovy ducks has called this place home for over a decade. Recently, their squabbling, mischievous family has grown with the surprise …