Summer, in summary

Yes, it’s not lost on me that it’s no longer summer anymore. But apparently you can’t expect me to post to the blog during the summer, or more than twice a year. This past summer has been so crazy that blogging has never really made it to the top of the priority list. But lately … Continued 

It’s been too long

So, two seasons later… Looks like I’ve been neglecting this blog for a little bit too long. Yes, winter’s actually been pretty busy for all of us here, but that alone probably isn’t a great excuse for me not to post. I could have taken a couple hours one day. So my apologies. Here’s a summary of what’s been happening lately, … Continued 

A grazing goat is a glad goat

One of the projects at the farm this spring was to rebuild the fence around the goat’s spring pasture. This pasture is basically a chunk of the forest, just a short walk past the hayfield. The goats seem to love clambering around the rocky terrain, and eating as much wild food as their many stomachs can hold! The herd spent many days out … Continued